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Name: Rick Kettinger

Position: Fire Police Lieutenant

Previous Positions: Fire Police Sergeant

Member Since: January 2018

What do you like most about being a member of Station 83?

There are so many aspects of WVFD Station 83 that appeal to me, but above all I enjoy the comradery of its members during training drills, responding to alarms, working as a cohesive team on emergency scenes, sponsoring and supporting special community events together, and helping our neighbors in difficult situations.

What would you like to say to someone considering joining Station 83?

If you want to help your community, especially in difficult and tragic times, then this volunteer organization is ready to meet your expectations.

If you have never been in the Fire Service, don’t hesitate to spend some time with us to observe our training drills on Thursday nights. Worcester Volunteer Fire Department operates in a highly professional manner, and with appropriate training to ensure the safety of its members.

Volunteering with Station 83 is a very rewarding experience. When the alarm goes off, and the siren wails, you can be part of this great organization while knowing that you are responding to someone’s call for your help.

What do you do outside of the firehouse?

About a year ago, I retired from directing specialty chemical and pharmaceutical businesses worldwide. With the additional time available, I joined Station 83 as an expansion upon my other ongoing activities in public safety and homeland security. In that regard, I am a qualified AUX-OP member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and have served as Flotilla Commander (053-10-06) and Vessel Safety Program Coordinator.

The best part about serving in Worcester Station 83 and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is that I can regulate my time to ensure that family time is first priority because of the flexibility afforded by these organizations.

Rick joined us in January 2018 and hit the ground running. He quickly became our most active fire police officer, joining a unit that quickly grew in 2018. Rick and other members of the WVFD Fire Police Unit ensure the roadways and scene are secure for all responders operating on scene. Thank you Rick for all you do!

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