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July Member Profile

Check out our July Member Profile!

Name: Duane Cornish

Positions: Assistant Fire Chief, Trustee, Driver

Positions held: Lieutenant, Captain

Member since: June 2000

Occupation: Computer Vision Engineer

What do you like most about being a member of Station 83?

I love the comradery and the fact that everyone works together toward a similar goal of helping our community. It is similar to being on a sports team except that the primary goal has life saving implications. Being involved in something like that gives me a real sense of purpose and an outlet for me to care for those around me - a purpose that I believe humans were designed to fulfill. It's also been nice personally to service the community alongside my brother Geoff Cornish who was a firefighter in Worcester when he lived in the area and my father Dave Cornish, who was the Chief of the department for 27 years.

What would you like to say to someone considering joining Station 83?

I know that everyone has busy schedules, but the sense of pride and accomplishment that you get by joining the fire service is unmatched. You'll get out of it what you put into it. You'll have opportunities to develop your leadership skills, critical thinking skills, learn how to handle physically and mentally demanding tasks better, and build your confidence.

I've been a firefighter everywhere I've lived: 5 different departments across 2 states, including busy urban departments and slower suburban departments. I'm proud to be a member at station 83 back where I started. We've been working hard to develop engaging and relevant training drills specifically to maximize our performance on the fireground. We have a lot of experience and knowledge within our membership that you'll get the benefit of learning from.

Stop by the station on Thursday nights around 7:00pm during our normal training night and we'll be happy to show you around.

What do you do outside of the firehouse?

I'm a devoted husband to my wife and a father to 3 daughters whom I love to spend time with. I can usually be found playing the guitar, trying to build something out of wood, or spending time being outside (biking, hiking, camping, etc.).

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