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August Member Profile

August Member Profile!

Name: Josh Anderson

Positions: Fire Police, Photographer

Member since: July-2018

Occupation: Pharma/Biotech Supply Chain

What do you like most about being a member of Station 83?

First and foremost it's the chance to help our neighbors in time of need, Whether it's an emergency, or even volunteering at a special event, being a member of Station 83 provides an immediate way to connect closely to the community. What makes Station 83 really special is the professionalism and camaraderie. When responding to a call or in training, members are dedicated and take their jobs seriously. But this is rounded out by a healthy dose of jokes and pranks around the house.

What would you like to say to someone considering joining Station 83?

It's really an incredible thing - men and women dropping everything at a moment's notice to respond to any emergency 24/7/365. The rewards, the rush, the opportunity to impact. There are so many ways to be involved and everyone is valued. Being a member of the WVFD is also a great way to challenge yourself and build up confidence. Just do it!

What do you do outside of the firehouse?

Dad to 5 kids keeps me pretty busy. Church. Home improvements. Travel. Finishing up my MBA @ Lehigh U. Always learning and doing more.

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