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Our community needs YOU! Our department is able to continue to operate because of the members of our community who choose to serve and be there for others in the time of need. We are always looking for people to join our team within a wide variety of roles! Contact us by email by hitting the "email recruitment team" ( to have someone provide more information. 

Why Should I Join?

Serving your community is an extremely gratifying feeling and joining our department will connect you to a large network of people in the community. In addition, the firehouse is a fun place to be around and you'll make friendships with people you serve beside. We only expect you to give whatever time you can. Our members receive benefits such as a township tax credit, access to the firehouse gym, and a life insurance policy. There are various needs in the department - not everyone has be to a firefighter. 

 Do People My Age Volunteer?

Our membership varies greatly in its age. We have members who are 14 and members who are in their 70s. There are roles for everyone, and we try to help individuals identify the best role for them to contribute too early on in their membership. As long as your willing to be active, you will quickly identify where you are able to best contribute! We embrace having a diverse membership group. 

 What training do I need?

Proper training is essential to ensuring we have well trained responders working to mitigate an emergency. Training varies for each position. We have structured in house training programs for each position listed below that prepare new members for their roles. In addition, the department pays for and encourages attendance at classes at the Montgomery County Fire Academy. We ensure you take the training at your own pace - it is scheduled around your life. 


Firefighters serve the main function of the department. All training is provided by our in-house training program and courses at the Montgomery County Fire Academy. All training is paid for by the department. Training courses available to interested firefighters include firefighting, vehicle rescue, rope rescue, pump operations and much more.

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Fire Police Officers are sworn officers under the direct command of the Pennsylvania State Police. Fire Police assist with shutting down roads and securing emergency scenes so the public and emergency responders operating on scene remain safe. 



Our junior and cadet program allows young members of our community to get a taste for emergency services. Juniors and Cadets are able to participate in all department events and drills. Junior and cadet firefighters are allowed to respond to emergency calls and operate in a limited, supervised capacity. 

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