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Name: Colin Augustine

Rank: Junior Firefighter

Member Since: Oct 2016

What do you like most about being a member of Station 83? The people. The family bond around one another is truly something else that cannot be found really anywhere else. The countless knowledge I have acquired not only about the fire service but about life from other members that I will carry with me is priceless and something I will never forget. With only being a member for a little over two years, I know I have people I can rely on and genuinely call family.

What would you say to someone considering joining Station 83? To anyone even considering joining or has any interest at all, I say go for it! The things you learn and the people and the tight bonds you will form is a life experience I believe everyone should have. There is something for everyone and there is always the need for more volunteers. Not only that but belonging to something greater than you and serving the community gives you a sense of belonging, knowing that your making a change or helping in anyway you can.

What do you do outside of the firehouse? I am a junior at Lansdale Catholic High School. I play on the golf team from the spring through fall.

Colin is a great example of high school students getting involved in their community to not only give back, but also bettering themselves by building connections with other members from all different backgrounds. This builds a strong foundation for their life after high school and consistently has proven to provide our junior members with great life resources. Colin has embraced all facets of the fire service and especially enjoys engaging in Truck Company and ropes & rigging activities.

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